7.1.4 Steward Nodes Policies


I added a comment to Sovrin Trust Framework regarding registering the Node configuration data.

STF: “MUST register all Node configuration data required by the Pool Ledger”

“Please specify how this is done. I heard that there is a Steward questionaire that the new Steward has to answer when becoming a Steward. That is OK but that is then the third document my legal review has to check (Trust Framework, Steward Agreement, Steward Questionare). I would prefer it when the Sovrin Software would just do the registration automatically.”


Axel: the node config data we are talking about here is the information that’s necessary to submit a NODE transaction to the ledger. It requires someone to specify the IP address and port on which the node will talk to other nodes for consensus, and the IP address and port on which the node will talk to clients who are submitting transactions. It also requires the node to choose a unique name or handle by which the other nodes will know it informally (e.g., the “Acme” node). These pieces of data cannot be collected by an automated process, but they are collected manually during steward onboarding, as a sysadmin works with Sovrin support to bring up the node.