Adding Attribute data to Ledgered DID



We can add an endpoint to a ledgered did:
ledger attrib did=V4SGRU86Z58d6TV7PBUe6f raw={"endpoint":{"ha":""}}

Lets say I want to add other attributes to the DID as ‘metadata’

Is there a way to add other attributes?
Or is there a limited set?

If I:

ledger attrib did=V4SGRU86Z58d6TV7PBUe6f raw={"endpoint":{"ha":""}, "name": "Name"}
then the result is:

Unknown ""name":" parameter present




By design, it is limited. There is a concern that if arbitrary data could be written to the ledger, it may be abused. If illegal content is written to a permanent ledger, it could expose us to liability.


Makes sense.

Is there a set of agreed upon attributes that would/could be used?
So that that information can be attested to as a claim from the trust anchor - it does not have to be ledgered. The information can be looked up via the endpoint and verified as a credential against the verkey of the ledgered did?