\awesome-decentralized-id v0.9


Getting closer and closer to something like a 1.0 on this ‘list’

now would be perfect to get feedback regarding stylistic conventions, and of course anything you’d like to share to make this resource more complete.

Also, what type of resources are not on this list but would be helpful to include?

The plan now is to make a similar document more specific to sovrin\indy, and gradually thin this one out from that stuff. Or maybe I should remove anything from this list that’s unrelated to the DID ecosystem instead …

Awesome Decentralized Identity—DID, Blockchain and Self-Sovereign Identity Resources:


Wow that’s an amazing list of resources!


hey, thanks!

The collection of resources you’ve gathered over the years has been a great help! It reaches into a number of related fields, and discusses the way different projects are related to identity that I wouldn’t otherwise have considered.