\awesome-sovrin —Awesome Sovrin, Hyperledger Indy and DID Resources


A week or so ago, I began working on /aweseome-decentralized-id. At the time it was just a roughly organized skeleton of links. Now it’s becoming highly navigable and is close to 1.0.

Now I’m doing the same thing, but for everything in the Sovrin ecosystem at /awesome-sovrin, which will be a lot more relevant for anyone trying to understand the distinctions and inter-relationships within the Sovrin\Indy\DID ecosystem.

At some point I’ll have to figure out the best way to balance resources between these and /blockchain-identity.
I’m open to ideas on how to do that. For now I’m mostly focusing on making them each complete to whatever extent possible. Once each is “complete”, then it will be easier to make those kind of decisions.

About me and the Crypto Library—SuperSource

I’m a freelance crypto researcher, and research based content creator. I began learning content creation and crypto a year and a half ago, and started freelancing less than a year ago. As such, I’m still working towards figuring out a livable wage. My strength is creating ‘as detailed and accurate as possible’ content, rather than pumping out content quickly. Recently, I decided to limit my clientele to a few regular clients so that I can spend more time working on creating value in ways that I enjoy, and will help to build my brand.

A few months ago, I began creating a ‘library’ of links on any subject in blockchain\crypto, organized into the channels of a discord server (much better UX and free compared to Slack BTW). Then, I began placing those resources into ‘toml’ files at /Crypto-library. The toml files are becoming part of a mongo database to power a web-app that allows for searching, navigating and filtering by tag, to overcome the limitations of organizing knowledge in a linear fashion.

Eventually, the custom DID database could include all RWoT papers, academic research, etc. If there is some interest, it could grow to include information from across the entire Identity space. I think it will be most valuable to writers, developers, researchers, and potential stakeholders, to have this rich collection of knowledge organized by whichever tags you prefer. That can include tags you create, and eventually user submitted resources; since we are working on adding as social element, with comments, reactions, etc, so that it can become a community maintained repository of all types of crypto knowledge.

Below is a rough demo of the app in progress. The developer and I are trying to figure out in what form it might be most valuable to a community such as this. I know this idea is valuable, but finding others who also see its value could make a big difference in its development.

on vimeo (note: each SuperSource entry has a description, and some have multiple supporting links, and perhaps images, that are visible when the entry is expanded; not shown in this demo.)

I have essentially two questions:

  1. In what form would this be the most valuable to members of this community?
    • (Web-app, chatbot? or maybe the toml files alone?)
  2. Is there any form an app like this might find financial support from members of this community?

Obviously value creation and value capture are two different things. As a newb, I’m happy to continue creating value until I can figure out the capture part of things. Tentatively, I plan to do similar work with other communities until I figure out the best way of earning that leaves me enough room to continue doing this type of work, that I enjoy.

Even better if I can figure out how to monetize the library, while keeping most of it’s information free.

I’ll keep working on it, regardless. However, any feedback, questions, and comments would be most appreciated.