Browser based javascript sovrin client

We need to build a sovrin client that’s completely browser based without a server in the middle and without a sovrin agent running in a cloud service, we read that its not possible to communicate directly with the ledger through browser based javascript because sovrin uses UDP as its communication protocol which javascript doesn’t support, has someone found a workaround this or are there any plans or projects that are working to overcome this limitation?
The required functionality for this client is to receive credentials, send credential requests, export the wallet to a file

If you’re just trying to connect with the ledger, check out this repository. This is what the pico Agent is using and it’s purely JS based.

To get verifiable credentials crypto you’ll still need the rust indy-sdk. You could probably get this working with WASM, but it’s a task no one has attempted as far as I’m aware.

This repo is nodejs based, which means its not a browser-based solution, what I need specifically is to build a sovrin agent/wallet purely in the browser using javascript