Can I setup an Indy node to read from the Sovrin Mainnet?

Is it possible to setup an Indy node using the Sovrin pool’s genesis files in order to read from the Sovrin mainet?

I would like to sync a node to the Sovrin mainet in order to resolve Sovrin DIDs, e.g. “did:sov:1a2b3c4d5e6f7g”. Is it possible for anyone to do this? Or do I need special permission to connect to other nodes on the network?

If it’s not possible, how would I go about resolving arbitrary DIDs?

It is not possible for you to set up an “Indy Node” on the Sovrin MainNet in the way that you are describing. You could become a Sovrin Steward to eventually have the possibility of getting your Node included on the MainNet, but this is not the real answer to your question.

There are a quite a few ways to resolve Sovrin DIDs, and the ones I know about all use the indy-sdk as the basis.

  1. Install an indy CLI and connect to the MainNet using its genesis file. Once the CLI is connected to the MainNet simply run:
    indy-cli> ledger get-nym did=
  2. Write your own code (similar to what the CLI has in it) to connect to the MainNet pool, and run queries to read from the ledger.
  3. Use That site has recently added a search feature that will allow you to search for your DID and resolve it using exactly what is written on the ledger.
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Thanks for your help Lynn, I’ll have a look at using indy-cli instead. Much appreciated!