Charter is available for public review


The charter for the Technical Governance board is available for public review and comment:


All topics regarding TGB are a year old. Was the charter approved? I could not find it on✓&q=charter&type=

I would remove the word “Routine” in this sentence “Routine decisions can be made via discussion on the mailing list (, without formal votes” or the charter should define what “routine” decisions are and what “non-routine” decisions are, I think.

Having removed the word “routine” I would suggest adding a sentence that says “Any member of the TGB can request a formal vote on a decision”. (In the hope that this does not lead to tons of votes initiated by member).



The charter was discussed in two Dec 2016 meetings of the TGB: and then IIRC, the second discussion ended with an understanding that we would work from the charter as captured by the Dec 15 draft. (Charters, like commissions, have to be issued by the sponsoring group–the Board of Trustees–the TGB can’t unilaterally adopt its own charter. So we shared the charter draft with the BoT at that point, and, having crossed it off our worry list, forgot to close the loop. Your observation about it not being on makes me think that the BoT either didn’t adopt it formally, or that we simply got behind in our record-keeping. I’ll find out.)

Your suggestions are good ones, but the charter is not being actively evolved. Therefore, we’d want to handle changes as a revision proposal, I think. Would you like to come to the next TGB meeting and recommend them?