Claims about uninvolved third parties


So far it is assumed that the subject of the claim is usually its holder, and thus the party who is interesting in proving the validity of such claim (e.g. Alice/Faber). This seems to be the most useful case, and thus prone to be the most frequent.

However, have any cases been contemplated where the holder of the claim is not necessarily the subject, and the subject might in fact be uninvolved in the whole claim workflow? For example, I could make a claim about a particular entity, and this entity might even have a public DID on Sovrin, but (for whatever reason) the claim is to be shared with and verified by another unrelated third party. Something a bit like “digital gossip” on Sovrin… :grin:

Does this make any sense? I’m guessing it’s technically possible, but additionally, are there any useful use cases that come to mind or have arisen previously in general discussion?


Hmmm - slightly curious example.

The uninvolved entity would remain uninvolved if they are not presenting the proof themselves.

I can’t see that there would be a restriction about one entity making a claim about an uninvolved entity and giving that claim to a 3rd entity. Not sure how useful that would be though. In other words I could make a claim about Carlos, and give that to Drummond without Carlos knowing. What value that has is rather subjective.


Yes, in such a case, there’s a chance the “Carlos” you would be referring to wouldn’t be myself as an identity (controlled by me) but your own private representation of what “Carlos” is. However, there’s still the possibility that you might make a claim about an existing DID (let’s say my public “Carlos” DID) and use it for private purposes, right?

I’m guessing that all sorts of reputational systems might be build in this manner. For example, a police department or maybe a judge could digitally issue a record about someone’s public “self” that is not exactly “positive” for that person, so the issuer would be the prover as well in this case, probably to a third party.


@cbruguera Yes, claims about others that are publicly reference-able are the heart of reputation systems, and Sovrin can absolutely be the basis for many such reputation systems.

Of course such systems involve all kinds of difficult social, business, and legal issues, but if it was easy, we’d already have it!