Current Status of Sovrin


I am fairly new to Sovrin and am really excited about its potential. I’m looking for some information on the current status of the Sovrin network. I have read that a public network is currently live but I am curious if it is ready to start building apps on top of it. Here’s what I’d like to know.

  1. Agents - From reading the documentation it seems that cloud agents will be the gateway for Identity owners and Issuers to interact with the Sovrin network. Are there currently any live cloud agents on the Sovrin network?

  2. Onboarding Customers - How could a company start enabling its customers to generate their own DIDs and make use of everything Sovrin has to offer? Is this possible today?

  3. Key management - What is the current status of a DKMS solution? If it is still under development, are there any interim solutions for individuals managing their keys?


I’m no expert on these topics, but here are the answers to the best of my knowledge:

  1. Agents are currently the hot topic right now. The network itself is functional and is maturing, and a lot of work is moving over to standardizing and making protocols for agents working off of the Sovrin network. However, because so many details are still being ironed out in this area, agents are still rather primitive.
  2. You can already do this! It is actually quite simple with the CLI provided by indy-sdk. Connect to the STN and start play around with it!
  3. Key management is considered to mostly be a problem for agents to handle. However, I’ve heard of a couple of ideas floating around about integrating keys more tightly with the agent protocol and delegating agent authority with a key. The agent discussions are where you find more on that.

For the most up to date information, I would join the Indy Working Group call, and possibly the Indy Agent Working Group Call.

Also, this is only to the best of my knowledge; if I’ve said anything inaccurate, please correct me!


Thanks for sharing your knowledge Steve.
I’ll start working through the indy-sdk tutorials.
Is there any documentation about the public Sovrin network, specifically around the native token and transaction fees. I’m curious as to what costs would be involved in creating DIDs on the public Sovrin network.


My knowledge concerning the token is rather murky, so I really can’t say much. Someone else is probably better suited to answer that question.