Dealing with things changing owner and claims


Inspired by @cbruguera’s question, “Dealing with objects …”, I was wondering if the use case below is supported more or less directly by Sovrin. I’m still trying to navigate in the relation between the many concepts provided by Sovrin and verifiable claims, and is also studying DID/DDO concepts, but for now I’m just examining the use case from a feasibility point of view.

Suppose that you have things and associated claims, say, vaccine records for a cow, or maintenance log for a washing machine. That set of associated claims has value for the given thing, and therefore for the owner of the thing.

Now the owner (individual) sells the thing to an organization, and the organization sells it to a different individual. The associated claims about the thing should provide trust and hence enrich the value chain.

Would that be a typical and well-supported use case in the Sovrin ecosystem, or are some aspects here required to be supported outside the Sovrin, e.g., in a parallel ledger?




That’s a great question Kjeld.

If you sell the thing, you’d need to pass the private key for the thing’s DID across to the new owner so that they control the DID.

For things which have no conscious intelligence, or for people who are unable to use Sovrin (e.g. a child or elderly person with dementia), a Guardian controls the private key for that identity owner. If it was a child for example, when the child comes of age they would be given the private key(s) so they could manage and control their own claims and identity account.

The examples you gave are excellent. I am coming across more and more “thing” use cases. Connected cars are a great one. And aircraft maintenance is another. It’s all very exciting.