DID Interoperability

there is a lot of focus put in the documentation about describing how Sovrin network supports decentralization and SSI using DLT solutions and standarized protocols such as DIDs. Since SSI market is worth quite a lot of money there will never be case that only one network rules over the rest. There will always be few solutions - even now there are few competing ones including uPort and ShoCard. That means the platforms to be truly decentralized need to have strong interoperability between each other. My question is - is the Sovrin designed with interoperability in mind? If yes, then where can I find documentation for that?

Contributors to Sovrin are also the key backers of the W3C efforts for standardizing Verifiable Credentials and DIDs. Now that those efforts have matured, Indy needs to come inline with the latest standards so that the Sovrin Network can support them. Teams are actively working on that effort.

Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials don’t do much good if the communication protocol isn’t also standardized for interoperability. That is the goal of Hyperledger Aries, which benefits from the participation from other networks such as SecureKey and uPort.

One of the most interesting projects in the Blockchain space (non DLT) is Cosmos.network
Cosmos has interoperability build in with the IBC protocol. We are currently developing a Documents Blockchain, with Cosmos, called commercio.network and one of the first problem we faced was Identity. We decided to implement using W3C and DIDs. Now we are trying to convince all other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem to adopt this approach.

I agree we need to have:

  1. Standard
  2. Interoperability
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