Documentation of Indy Protocol Msgs?



I am trying to understand the protocol used in the Indy demo w Alice, Faber, Acme, and Thrift. I have reviewed the logs and there are quite a few messages above and beyond those between the main actors. Specifically, there are a lot of msgs to the indy network. Is there any documentation to help understand what these msgs are and what purpose they serve? I think it would be useful in trying to understand the trust model represented by the demo.

I have a trace diagram of the msgs I found in the log, but it gets reformatted when I paste it in here. Is there a way to attach a .txt file?



Indy Rocket chat seems like a better place for this question.


I wouldn’t mind seeing an answer here too that points people at the right places in Project Indy to get this info. Lots of folk will come to this forum looking for information, let’s give them a summary and point at the right place for details.



The messages to the ledger are things like “please write this identity to the ledger” or “please tell me what the ledger says about this identity”. We call such messages “transactions” in casual speech, though some of them just read and might be better labeled simply “requests”. You can learn more about these messages by studying how indy-sdk builds the JSON for these messages in functions like indy_build_nym_request() (currently here: You may also find the following spreadsheet useful:

There is not a lot of public documentation on these because they are considered an implementation detail; only the SDK needs to understand them, not clients of the SDK.