[ERROR] libpbc.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Hello, I’ve stumbled upon this error quite a few times already. I’m trying to create a docker image that runs a standalone Sovrin agent (basically a wrapper for the Agent class found in the sovrin-client repository. I’m basing most of the code in the faber agent sample class.

After installing all requirements (including libpbc), this error occurs upon running the agent:

The file being executed only defines the Agent class and invokes the createAgent and runAgent functions from sovrin_client.agent.agent.

What may I be missing?


Update: I ran the command ldconfig -v right after installing libpbc and it seemed to have updated some references for dynamic linking (?)… In any case, the error is not showing anymore. Looks like it was fixed.

Now there’s this another error happening. :slight_smile: