Final Review: V2 of the Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework


After our announcement of V1 of the Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework (PTF), approved by the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees on March 22 2017, we began receiving additional feedback from several sources:

  • Legal counsel for Founding Stewards
  • Authors of related trust frameworks
  • Academic researchers in self-sovereign identity
  • Industry analysts and policy experts

Even though the PTF only applies to the Provisional stage of the Sovrin Network and will be superseded by the General Availability Trust Framework (GATF), the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group (TFWG) determined that some of this feedback should not wait for the GATF, but be incorporated into a second version of the PTF.

The TFWG has prepared the following second versions of all three PTF documents:

  1. Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework V2
  2. Sovrin Identity Owner Agreement V2
  3. Sovrin Founding Steward Agreement V2

As explained on the title page of each document, all revisions of substance have been marked with either strikethrough (deletions), yellow highlights (additions), and/or comments.

We will hold a one-week final review period on these revisions before putting the V2 PTF to a vote of the Trustees starting Monday June 19. We invite you to review these revisions and make comments either directly in the Google doc, or in a reply to this discussion thread.

Thank you in advance for your feedback—the last round has already substantially improved the PTF.

=Drummond Reed
Chair, Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group


Thanks to you and the working group for getting this update done.