From different clients Indy pool

I have a question about indy pool

It seems that alice, faber, and acme used in the indy deme run in the same client.

However, I want to proceed with demo after creating as alice, faber, acme as different clients.

For example, alice is an android app, faber is a server with a db where student information is entered, and acme is a third party app.

In my opinion, do three clients need to connect to the same pool to do this?

So, how can different clients connect to the same pool?

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The three clients will technically connect to the same network “pool”, but there is some overlap and confusion in the terminology. Essentially each agent (or “client” as you called them) will need to create their own “pool” (pool handle) and then connect to the same network pool using their own different pool handles. I can give more details if needed.