Getting Started Connect Test pool_transactions_sandbox issue


This is the error I got:

  1. Going to the link provided yields no pool_transactions_sandbox file.

The not so helpful link is

  1. I Google the file and find this copy of it. I download it and put it in the folder specified.

However, when I restart Sovrin, I get the same error that the information required to connect to the client cannot be found.

I found a similar topic from February, but the solution there did not seem to help in my case.

Has anyone else run into this?


Hi. to setup nodes for the getting started guide, you need to execute the generate_sovrin_pool_transactions command. Here is an example:

su - sovrin -c “generate_sovrin_pool_transactions --nodes 4 --clients 4 --nodeNum $NODENUM --ips ‘,,,’”

You will need to replace the IP addresses with those of your validators.

Note: If this is for a node that will be part of the Alpha network that we are spinning up, this is not correct. In that case, you should have stopped short of actually starting your node up, and instead provided your information to Sovrin via form, so that you can be part of the genesis transaction pool.