Getting started guide issue



I think in the proof request below acme_job_certificate_cred_def_id (yellow marked) has to be replaced by job_certificate_schema_id, or am I wrong?

Alice gets a Loan-Application-Basic Proof Request from Thrift Bank that looks like:

Thrift Agent

apply_loan_proof_request_json = json.dumps({
‘nonce’: ‘123432421212’,
‘name’: ‘Loan-Application-Basic’,
‘version’: ‘0.1’,
‘requested_attributes’: {
‘attr1_referent’: {
‘name’: ‘employee_status’,
‘restrictions’: [{‘cred_def_id’: acme_job_certificate_cred_def_id}]
‘requested_predicates’: {
‘predicate1_referent’: {
‘name’: ‘salary’,
‘p_type’: ‘>=’,
‘p_value’: 2000,
‘restrictions’: [{‘cred_def_id’: acme_job_certificate_cred_def_id}]
‘predicate2_referent’: {
‘name’: ‘experience’,
‘p_type’: ‘>=’,
‘p_value’: 1,
‘restrictions’: [{‘cred_def_id’: acme_job_certificate_cred_def_id}]

Alice has only one credential that meets the proof requirements for this Loan-Application-Basic Proof Request.

Alice Agent

‘referent’: ‘Job-Certificate Credential Referent’,
‘revoc_reg_seq_no’: None,
‘schema_id’: job_certificate_schema_id,
‘cred_def_id’: acme_job_certificate_cred_def_id,
‘attrs’: {
‘employee_status’: ‘Permanent’,
‘last_name’: ‘Garcia’,
‘experience’: ‘10’,
‘first_name’: ‘Alice’,
‘salary’: ‘2400’


Hi, @falleman. It is not a mistake there. You can specify either schema_id or cred_def_id or both or none of them. Perhaps, schema id will be better there in terms of real scenario.


Ok, thanks Artem, I was just wondering how the Thrift bank can know things about Acme Corp in advance.