How do I onboard my organization as a Trust Anchor?

I would like to onboard my organization to the mainnet in order to issue credentials to our users.

I’ve read all the documentation on Hyperledger Indy, and it seems fairly straightforward. I have been able to run the “indy-dev” example locally and everything works fine.

So how do I do this in real life? How do I onboard the organization I work for as Trust Anchor on the actual mainnet? I can’t seem to find this information referenced anywhere in the documentation.

The “Trust Anchor” role has been renamed to “Endorser”.

The instructions for becoming an Endorser on Sovrin Main Net are here:

That’s what I was looking for - thanks!

Hi @esplinr,

In order for an organization to read and write to Sovrin, it has to:

  1. become a Steward Node
  2. Build a Hyperledger Aries instace (wallet, credential managment functionality)

or it can be only a

  1. endorser (which i think must be way simpler than deploying a steward node)
  2. and of course build the Aries instance

I can choose between this two?