How Idemex is implemented in Sovrin\Indy

I’m reading up on the “Extended Features” on and find:

I’m curious if\how this is implemented into Sovrin, and also wonder if the development of Sovrin is following along with the development of Indy, or if they will gradually become different products

thank you

Identity Mixer is not directly (re)implemented by Sovrin, but its cryptographic foundations are very similar, and Sovrin’s implementation includes most of its extended features (predicates, multi-credential, revocation, advanced issuance…). One of the researchers who helped to create Identity Mixer is on Sovrin’s Technical Governance Board and has offered insight to keep the implementations aligned on goals and methods. There is a separate effort to provide Identity Mixer features within Hyperledger Fabric, I believe–though I don’t know the details.

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thanks for the help, Daniel.

I found a link for idemix in fabric and figured i’d share here for the curious

I’m sure there’s similar documentation somewhere for indy, tho maybe it’s still in draft