How to access the public sovrin network?

How can the public network be used for app development? Are there any stewards providing access?

There are currently three public Sovrin Networks:

  • Builder Net: for active development of your solution
  • Staging Net: for proofs of concept, demos, and other non-production but stable use cases
  • Main Net: for production use cases

Main Net is the only network with an expectation that the data will never be deleted.

Access to the networks can be done through any validator node. It does not require a relationship with a specific steward. The list of nodes for each network can be obtained from the pool genesis files that are stored here (you can ignore the domain files for now):

Like writing to the Main Net, you need permission to access the Builder Net or Staging Net. Permission can be granted by:

  • Generating a payment address, and use to automatically receive 2000 tokens. Alternatively you can send it to with a request for test tokens for writing the network fees.
  • Generate a DID and verkey, and use to automatically be granter Endorser privileges. Alternatively send the DID, Verkey and requested network name to
  • Pass your transactions to an existing Endorser for them to counter-sign and submit to the ledger.

Additional information on writing to Main Net is here:

Regarding the genesis files:

  • builder_genesis is Builder Net
  • sandbox_genesis is Staging Net
  • live_genesis is Main Net