How to onboard a steward node online?


I know this is not a common knowledge that only steward will be concerned of this thing.
But after I figure out the onboarding process of like trust anchor in the document in which the process of onboarding is left out, I wonder if the process is similar to trust anchor? Some special point should be taken here I think. Is there any document about this? Just curious of this.


Hi Wang, Yes only a Steward would be interested and there is a document for onboarding a steward node. The document is quite lengthy as there are many more steps to it than simply adding a trust_anchor key to the ledger. The document does not list machine requirements or Steward responsibilities (available elsewhere), but here it is for anyone who is interested. Sovrin Steward Validator Preparation Guide


@lynn.bendixsenThanks very much. I just want to what has been done. Kind of curiosity.