How to Start Integrating Sovrin


Hi all,

We would like to make a PoC using Sovrin, but after reading the WhitePapers and navigate from the Forum it is not clear for us how to start.

We would like to integrate Sovrin wit a ASP.NET MVC server solution. Is there any API or SDK available? Is there any technical documentation that detail the operations that can be performed on the Sovrin Network? The more technical paper we have found is the “how to start using Sovrin” based on CLI. Is nice to play with it but not usable to make an integration.

We have found also this start guide but the file is truncated and trying to access the original return a 404. We have also read about a libary but only for Python…

So there is no clear for us which would be the right starting point. I apologize is this information is someplace (I guess it is) but we cannot found it so if anyone can help I appreciate.

Thanks in advance,



I believe the best place for you to start would be with the Indy SDK. (Indy is the technology under Sovrin, and its SDK provides a C-callable library with moderately good inline docs [if you’re an engineer :-)]). You can explore the Sovrin API at You can contact the SDK team on #indy-sdk at (you must have a LinuxFoundation login to do so; you can create one at I believe at least one developer is working on a .NET wrapper.

You can interact with the SDK team’s public jira at; look for the “IS” project.

You can also contact the main indy team (same jira, project name = “INDY”; same chat, channel = #indy).


(BTW, don’t be confused by the Rust programming language of the API. It all compiles down to a .dll/.so/.dylib, and the function signatures are cdecl that you should be able to understand just by looking at the prototypes in Rust.)


I’ve been working on a .NET API wrapper and it’s in a relatively advanced state (it’s being worked on alongside the Java API wrapper). It’s not yet part of the indy-sdk but a pull request has been provided:

Feel free to look it over but be aware that it’s not ready for prime-time yet.


Thank you both for your quick response.

Looks like indy-sdk is still in heavy development. Are there real users/customers using the Sovrin network? Is better post the technical questions in than here?

Symon, is there any expected date for a beta version of the .NET API?

I have some basic questions, like if it is necessary to run a Sovrin node locally or it is possible to connect to a Steward to make the requests. I have seen some tutorials on the technical basics of Sovrin have been peformed in the past. Is there any video of the sessions? Are more sessions planned in the future?

Again thanks for your help.


Hi Ivan,

At present the network is in Alpha and the SDK and their wrappers are a work in progress, but are moving ahead rapidly. I can’t comment on release dates for a beta for the .NET wrapper as it depends on the underlying SDK - my understanding is that the SDK and all it’s various language wrappers will be released together. I don’t think it will be very long now, however.

A good source for additional information is to join the Hyperledger Indy Rocketchat channels.