How using Sovrin for own application


Hi guys,

I just read the following post:

And there was mentioned, that it is possible for developers to develop their own applications. My question now is, what kind of applications can be developed? Only applications which use the SSI of Sovrin? Or also other applications providing users with an other form of identity solution? Whit other words, would it be possible to build another Identity solution on top of Sovrin?

And for developing these applications, are there any financial things to look at?

As far as i have understood the different papers, i thought that Sovrin is vreating SSI’s for interested parties, helping them to have a clear and verified ID to interact with Sovrin-enabled apps.

And in contrast to Ethereum or other things, the nodes are somewhat permissioned, meaning that not everyone can process transaction, but the nodes have to apply for it. This leads to the fact, that there is no coin or transaction fee involved, right? Or am I missing something?

I appologise if my questions are on a very basic niveau, but I’m somewaht new to the topic, but find it very interesting and would like to learn more about it.

I appreciate every answer and information I will get here.

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