Hyperledger Indy pool connecting android error -> InvalidStateException: The SDK library experienced an unexpected internal error


I have a one question.

I’m trying to connect the Android app to the indy pool, but I see error( Timeout happens for ledger operation) source(https://github.com/jSh4rk/SampleIndyWallet)

I installed indy in AWS(ubuntu 16.04 lts) and after running node with docker

When running docker I entered the command (docker build --build-arg pool_ip= -f ci/indy-pool.dockerfile -t indy_pool .) -> is my docker’s private ip and running -> docker run -itd -p -t indy_pool And I changed the string ip = ‘my docker public ip’ of SampleIndyWallet’s MainActivity.java

However, I had an error(org.hyperledger.indy.sdk.InvalidStateException: The SDK library experienced an unexpected internal error) in the process of opening the pool.

I’m not really sure why I am getting this error. I really need your help. Please…