Immutability of transactions


Hello everyone,
sorry for asking maybe a stupid question, but im wondering if transactions on the sovrin/ indy ledger are immutable. I read the following document and section 2.4.2 describes, that it is possible to add an attribute to a NYM transaction by specifying the destination DID which the attribut will be set for. Will in this case a new transaction be recordet to the ledger or an already existing transaction altered?


A new transaction is recorded for the ATTRIB; the original transaction is immutable and cannot be modified.


Hello Daniel, thank you. Is there any convient tool which I can use to see what is currently on the ledger? I set up a test pool and would like to play a little bit with the sdk.


Hi Andy. Try this for the Sovrin ledgers:

For a private ledger, you can get onto any of your validators and run “sudo read_ledger --type domain” from the command line.


hey, thank you. I’ll try :slight_smile: