ImportError: cannot import name 'Logger'(plenum module)


Hi there. I was able to install and run the sovrin client application with no problem. The next step was to set up my own private nodes for development, but while following the instructions on the github repository I ran in to a small road block and cannot figure out why. While running the command to start up the nodes start_sovrin_node Node1 9701 9702 etc.., I ran in to this error :

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/start_sovrin_node", line 6, in <module> exec(compile(open(__file__).read(), __file__, 'exec')) File "/home/nbouma/sovrin/sovrin-node/scripts/start_sovrin_node", line 7, in <module> from plenum.common.log import getlogger, \ ImportError: cannot import name 'Logger'

Any help would be appreciated!



Logger is recent introduction to Plenum codebase, looks like you have an older version of Plenum, try pip install -U --no-cache-dir plenum


Thanks for your answer! Although I gave the command a try a I still get the same error. Is there another way I can get the newer version of Plenum on my machine?




I was able to install the latest version of Plenum on my machine directly from the repository

with with the command pip install e .