Indy pool accessibility from multiple docker containers


Currently, I am having multiple docker containers for separate entities. I am trying to run the genesis transaction from one of the container and create the pool nodes and expecting the pool to be available for the other containers. But my second container has no idea that the pool has been created and it should use that pool. When I run APIs on the second container it gives me an error saying “pool not created” .

Are there any documents that contain steps in setting up multiple containers and creating a pool that is accessible across different containers or any suggestion on how to configure would help me a lot.

All the containers can communicate with each other and can also communicate with the container where the indy pool will be created.


I’m not aware of docs, but I know that people have done this before.

When you say that all the containers can communicate with each other and the container that has the pool–what ports are open between them? A pool uses one port number for consensus messages among nodes, and another port number for messages from clients…

Hi Daniel,

I have port 9701-9708:9701-9708 ports for indy pool docker container.
Docker container1 has 3000:3000 and also 9229:9229 ,
docker container2 has 3001:3001 and also 9230:9229 port open for communication.

Are your docker containers all sharing a common storage volume? If so, then you should be able to configure your indy application(s) to use the common storage volume for the .indy directory where the pool info is kept. That way all the containers will be able to see the pool.