Internet Identity Workshop 24 May 2-4 2017 Mountainviw CA


I hope to meet Sovrin folks at IIW24 in mountain view CA may 2-4 Are any Sovrin related events planned before during or after?

See for more info. This film gives a good background.


There are several sessions being planned for the workshop itself and many Sovrin folks will be there.

We have not planned any pre or post events specifically around Sovrin. We’re talked about doing that for the Fall IIW. I’d love to know what ideas people have for what that might look like.

One question is whether we can essentially run the Sovrin meetings inside of, rather than along-side of, IIW.

I’m open to thoughts and feedback.


Phil, I agree that for this upcoming IIW, it will be best to have all the Sovrin-related sessions take place as part of the open space sessions. From the folks I’ve been talking to I think there will be a dozen or more—interest in Sovrin is exploding.

Then at next fall’s IIW I can see that it might make sense to have an adjacent dedicated event. Maybe we should even have a session at this IIW to explore that.