Is that possible to verify email address from sovin

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Is that possible to verify email address by own from sovrin.
In this case,

Holder and Issuer is Myself
Verifier is someone who verify my email address.

Issuing a credential about yourself doesn’t do much to increase the level of trust a verifier would have. Instead, you can include a self attested attribute in your proof response that says the information you want to communicate.

I expect automated systems will emerge that verifies ownership of an email address and then issues a credential that third parties can rely on.

BC Gov has implemented a demo service that verifies that you control your email address and issues you a verifiable credential to that affect. This was done as part of a demo of verifiable credentials called IIWBook. You can go through the demo sequence here (, and if you have an iPhone you can go through the demo yourself.

The demo email verification service is a pretty obvious solution to the need for every site to have you verify your email address. The approach is better than a self-issued credential.

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I also have this same question, if someone has a solution, please tell me

Still waiting for someone to help me with the issue - tubemate