ISÆN vs. Sovrin


Does anybody know about the standardisation effort: CEN Workshop 84 on a ‘Self-Sovereign Identifier(s) for Personal Data Ownership and Usage Control’ (CEN WS ISÆN)?

ISÆN stands for Individual perSonal data Auditable accEss Number, David Robert presented it last year in MyData.

That might be somewhat relevant or close to Sovrin or then not… hard to say since all info is in German or French. Here is a German language study published recently on this, but my German is not good enough to read.


@apoikola Yes, this is David Robert’s group, and he and several others from ISÆN attended the Rebooting the Web of Trust conference in Paris in April. They didn’t share a lot about the project, however; mostly they were interested in DID architecture and verifiable claims.

I can’t translate the docs either (my French is too rusty) but not only does @peacekeeper speak fluent German, he’s also involved with the project. Markus, what update can you give us on ISÆN?