Issue about new indy-cli tool


hi, all

I’m trying to use new indy-cli(“”), but I found it cannot connect to the node pool, but the old cli can connect the node pool, Is there some any for the new indy-cli that I missed? Or anyone know how to check the log about new indy-cli in indy-sdk?



There is a genesis transaction file in the cli directory called docker_pool_transactions_genesis. That is the file you use to tell how your supposed to interact with the the pool. To create a pool with that genesis file, use pool create.


You will likely need to create the pool_transactions_genesis config. You can do so with the following.

indy>  pool create sandbox gen_txn_file=<PATH TO FILE> 

You will need the transactions genesis file, which can be found here:


If you need additional help, please consult this guide in section 9.