Joining the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group


The Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group originally formed in November 2016 shortly after the Sovrin Foundation was announced in September 2016. The first deliverable of the WG was the Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework—the current trust framework in effect governing the operation of the Sovrin Provisional Network.

Now the WG is hard at work on the second generation of the Sovrin Trust Framework. Formally known as the General Availability Trust Framework, it also called the Sovrin Trust Framework V2 or STF2.

The WG has formed six teams to develop the architecture and policies required for the STF2:

  1. Legal Team—legal architecture and legal policies of the STF2
  2. Web-of-Trust Team—design and policies for how Sovrin stewards and trust anchors are selected/accredited, and how the Sovrin Web of Trust model will work
  3. TGB Team—all technical policies that need to be coordinated with the Technical Governance Board
  4. I4A Team—all guardian and digital inclusion policies that need to be coordinated with the Identity for All Council
  5. Token Team—all policies related to the Sovrin token that need to be coordinated with the Economic Advisory Council (see the final section of the Sovrin white paper)
  6. Governance Team—all STF versioning, amendment, and other core governance policies that need to be coordinated with the SF Board of Trustees

General webmeetings of the STF WG are held every other week—see the Meeting Page for more details. The WG is open to anyone to join. To join the mailing list, please start by joining the Sovrin Slack team (see instructions here) and sending a direct message to myself (@Drummond) with your email address.

We will also be holding public reviews of STF2 drafts here on the Sovrin Forum. Just look for messages on this thread, or follow @SovrinID on Twitter.