Logs in getting started demo


Hi, I’ve been running the getting-started demo:
and everything has been working great since I installed it all on Windows 10.
I have seen a lot of logging in each of the command line windows.
However, I have not found anything that obviously corresponds to the commands
I have been issuing on cli01 to drive the demo.
I would be interested in seeing if the validators are handling updates from the agents, and I would like to see what the agents are logging wrt to the commands that they have processed.
Also, how much of the demo is “canned” vs using the actual 8 VMs that are running in VirtualBox?



Hi Rich, welcome to Sovrin.

Here are some tips to seeing what is going on in the ledger as you work with it. First, from the CLI node:

  • You can query the ledger from the indy> command line. See “send GET_NYM”, for example.
  • In addition to what you see going to the console, there are cli logs at ~.indy-cli/cli.log

You will see a lot more if you log into a validator (any of them) and look around:

  • Run “sudo read_ledger --type domain” from the bash prompt. This will do a dump of the copy of the ledger contained on that validator to screen. You can also dump the metadata ledgers (pool and config) with this command, but this may be of less interest to you.
  • Run “sudo validator-info -v” to get status on that validator.
  • As the “indy” user, read the validator logs at /var/log/indy/sandbox/<node_alias>.log. For <node_alias>, substitute the alias of the validator that you are logged into, e.g. Node1.
    • To temporarily become the indy user, run “sudo su - indy”. Type “exit” when you want to return to your login user.