Making"political constituencies" use case available?


At Canonizer com, we have an urgent need for exactly the “political constituencies” use case.

How long before this functionality exists?

We have access to some resources to help make this happen, including software engineers, and money.

We need some consulting help to help with advice on how to proceed, to help make this available.

Please Contact brent.allsop at, if you can help, or be our paid consultant / interface with the sovrin comunity.



The Sovrin Network is up and running, ready for usage; the functionality is already here to solve the issue. What is needed is an issuer to create the credentials for such a use case. If you are looking to become that issuer, then I recommend looking into becoming a Trust Anchor. I believe that is the first step in being able to issue credentials.


OK, this is exciting. Thanks Steve
So I guess, then, I need more info on creating a “Trust Anchor” which is able to issue credentials.
Also, I need to figure out how to make the calls, from our system, to validate users.
Can anyone provide more information, or references to information, about how to do these things?
Brent Allsop


For integration with your current system, I would start looking into the indy-sdk codebase. It provides a C-callable interface and wrappers for Python, .NET, Java, and node.js.

As for becoming a trust anchor, I’m not sure about the live network. However, you can register as a trust anchor on the test network here.