New Topic for Discussing DIDs (decentralized identifiers)


As we get closer to going live with the first version of the Sovrin Network (called the Provisional Network), interest is increasing in DIDs—decentralized identifiers. In short, DIDs are how decentralized identity can be interoperable across any ledger that supports them.

I added this topic to the Technical section so that we had one place to discuss DIDs and the DID specificatio (which is at Implementer’s Draft 01, with Implementer’s Draft 02 due to come out in the next two months after we have enough implementer’s feedback).

So please use this category to post any questions, suggestions, or feedback about DIDs or DDOs (DID descriptor objects).


I just added a #dids-and-ddos channel to the Sovrin Slack in case anyone wants to ask questions there (although frankly this is a much better forum for any type of threaded discussion). See this post for easy access to signing up for the Sovrin Slack team.


DIDs are literally the magic that makes independent identity possible. I encourage everyone to look through the docs that Drummond has shared for more info.

Being familiar with DIDs and DDOs will change the way you think about identity and introduce you to the basic principles that decentralisation enables.