Pool transactions file not found: /root/.sovrin/pool_transactions_sandbox


This error is occurring while trying to run a standalone Sovrin agent from within a docker container.

Indeed, there’s no pool_transactions_sandbox in the .sovrin directory. What code is responsible for creating such file?.. This looks like a file that would be created by a node running. Is that correct? In such case, why does an agent need a node running in the same container?

Why does a sovrin agent depend on sovrin-node for being able to run? Can’t agents be made to run in a more “lightweight” mode? Is there a way to circumvent this error? Maybe to be able to specify another file or to create a new one?.. What’s this file for anyway?


This is a dependency problem with the install, and it has cropped up 2 or 3 times that I’m aware of.

The simple workaround is to copy the necessary file from https://github.com/sovrin-client/data/pool_transactions_sandbox.

We have a QA person who has recently run into the same issue and is pursuing a permanent fix. The issue, I believe, is in the setup.py for the sovrin-client repo. I don’t have more details than that. Perhaps someone else does?


Thanks Daniel, I’ll be copying the file for now. Although that’s for sure not a proper fix, it’ll get me going until the issue is actually fixed.

Any idea what that file is for?

PS: By the way, the correct link would be https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/sovrin-client/blob/master/data/pool_transactions_sandbox


The file contains the genesis transactions that confer validator status on certain nodes in the sandbox.


I see, but why is it a dependency for an agent to run? Is this by design? Shouldn’t this be a concern for nodes only?