Problem with Accepting invitation in the Getting Started Guide


Hey all,

I have a problem with the getting started guide. I followed the instructions but as I tried "accept invitation from “Faber College” I only get this:

Invitation not yet verified.
Attempting to sync…

Link Faber College synced
Invitation accepted with nonce b1134a647eb818069c089e7694f63e6d from id GqUxXJXQiHgshhhQkoCBW1

Here what I get when i type "show link “faber college”:

sovrin@test> show link "Faber College"
Link (not yet accepted)
Name: Faber College
Identifier: GqUxXJXQiHgshhhQkoCBW1
Trust anchor: Faber College (not yet written to Sovrin)
Verification key:
Signing key:
Target: FuN98eH2eZybECWkofW6A9BKJxxnTatBCopfUiNxo6ZB
Target Verification key: <unknown, waiting for sync>
Target endpoint:
Invitation nonce: b1134a647eb818069c089e7694f63e6d
Invitation status: not verified, target verkey unknown
Last synced: 21 seconds ago

Try Next:
sync "Faber College"
accept invitation from “Faber College”

Thanks a lot for your help.


Sorry for the trouble, some of our deployments had gone wrong and agents (Faber, Acme, etc) were in crashed state, they have not been brought up again. Happy Getting Started.