Public Review of Sovrin Governance Framework V2


After a year’s worth of work by the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group, The Sovrin Foundation is pleased to announce the beginning of the public review period for the Sovrin Governance Framework V2.

Formerly called the Sovrin Trust Framework [1], the Sovrin Governance Framework is the “constitution” of the Sovrin Network—a set of documents that specify the purpose, principles, and policies that govern Sovrin as a global public utility for self-sovereign identity.

Anyone can comment or make suggestions to each of the 8 primary documents (none of which is very long) during the public review period which will last until 26 November 2018.

For links and instructions, see the full story on the Sovrin blog.

[1] The name was changed from “trust framework” to “governance framework” because, while the term “trust framework” is established in the digital identity industry, the SGFWG members discovered that the term “governance framework” was easier to understand and more intuitive for a broad audience, particularly from a blockchain perspective.