Rebooting web of trust in Paris (April 2017)


Will any of the Sovrin guys be attending the Rebooting web of trust event in Paris this april?


@fabienpe Yes indeed. There will be three of us: myself, James Monaghan (Evernym VP Product), and Dmitry Khovratovich, cryptographer. We’ll be ready to dive deep into several key aspects of Sovrin architecture, including DIDs, key management, verifiable claims, zero-knowledge proofs, and the Sovrin Trust Framework.

Is anyone else from the Sovrin community planning to attend?


@Drummond, I will join, unfortunately only from Thursday.


I will attend, cu there.


Rebooting the Web of Trust #4 in Paris is underway. @james, @Khovratovich, @fabienpe, @peacekeeper and I are all here. DIDs (decentralized identifiers) and DID-related specs are the star of the show. Here are links to four DID-related papers that were submitted:

  1. The DID Family of Specifications
  2. DKMS (Decentralized Key Management System)
  3. DID Auth
  4. DID Names

Two of these (DKMS and DID Auth) were selected for mini-working groups that will be going for the next two days. We’ll post updates as things proceed.


+1 good atmosphere here with a focus on DIDs and related topics.