Recording of 2017-01-24 Trust Framework Working Group Meeting


We had a 2.5 hour Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group meeting today to review the first full draft of the Provisional Trust Framework including the Founding Steward Agreement and the Identity Owner Agreement.

It was a LONG meeting, but highly productive discussion thoughout, so if you want the entire experience, listen to the two video/audio recordings below. If you prefer just a podcast, listen to the audio only version.

Note that I am still incorporating feedback from this session into the documents, but we will be submitting the first draft for preliminary approval from the Sovrin Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

Please do feel free to review and add comments to any of the three documents.

Topic: Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group Weekly Meeting
Date: Jan 24, 2017 12:58 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)