Recovery: is a wallet and its content only stored on your device?


I understand that there are options for key recovery in Sovrin, in case a user for example loses his device. However, when I have recovered the key to my wallet, the wallet-content itself (on the device) is still gone right? In a more physical metaphor, I may have received a new key to my safe, but it doesn’t help me because the entire safe is gone.

Or is the wallet also stored somewhere else somehow then on my own device? I know it’s not stored on the ledger, but maybe somewhere else, or distributed through a web-of-trust somehow? Can the content be recreated in some way?


This is a very good question, and my understanding is that we are leaving most forms of credential/key management to the individual implementations and softwares built on top of Indy-SDK. Much of the structure and capability for that functionality is being built inside the various agent projects.

For example, to keep from the problem of losing credentials introduced by your scenario, you could opt for having an agent that allowed credential backups to the cloud. That functionality isn’t planned to be built in to Indy projects, but other agents will likely have those kind of ‘add-on’ features.