SHA256 mismatch - Install required native libraries and utilities


I am following this URL, try to install indy sdk on macOS. When run this command

brew install   

I got error below
Error: SHA256 mismatch
Expected: e05aba6c665a7a5de297e135568882b6706728ce25820d609a6984b09b69086e
Actual: 0a64df6bdd78eea1d141776def103b89ef7dad897e0785c14809ba130ad4c22c

Archive: /Users/rosecondon/Library/Caches/Homebrew/downloads/69599092a97fa907b1838164cea7aca2901a99b815a467fb84bf7534b67b46fd–libsodium-1.0.12.sierra.bottle.tar.gz

Any suggestions? thanks.


Rose: I suggest that you cross-post this on, in the #indy-sdk channel. The developers who are most likely to help tend to be in that channel often, and to visit the forum a little less frequently.