Sovereign identity management apps/tools?


Being a newbie, I apologize if this not the right place to be asking this.
I understand sovrign identities can exist on the sovrin network. So, it seems to me, managing this identity, means you have some type of app or tool, where you can monitor and control and grant who does and doesn’t get access to various parts of your identity on the sovrin network. Does such a tool exist? Or maybe a set of reference code on how to create such a tool? Plans to make such? Am I even asking the right questions?

Can someone point me in the right direction to get more info on this?


The type of tool you are describing is what Sovrin calls an “edge agent.” There are several efforts underway to provide edge agents to the public.

The British Columbia government has sponsored an initiative to build agents for various government agencies and the businesses that interact with them to get licensed. This effort is more relevant to managing identity of businesses.

Brigham Young University is building agent technology to help its students manage their identities.

There is an Android/iOS app developed by Evernym that is being open sourced, that allows an individual to form connections, receive credentials, prove things, and otherwise exercise their identity. is developing tech like this, though I don’t know as many details.

There are other initiatives as well; those are just the first few that come to mind.

I don’t think I should share contact information for the people running these projects in this public forum, but if you contact me directly, I’ll connect you to them. You can reach me on LinkedIn (look for Daniel Hardman), or on Sovrin’s slack @daniel.hardman, or on Hyperledger Rocket.Chat @danielhardman.


Where can it be found?


There is a preview version of the app code visible here:

Please note the caveat at the top of; this is a quick and dirty publication that isn’t well integrated with a CI/CD pipeline, made visible to help the community while a better version of the code is published. I expect that the URL I provided will be superseded by a better one within a few weeks.