Sovrin DID scheme


Apologies if a similar question has already been answered in the past.
I am playing with and evaluating Sovrin and reading up on DI in general. One thing I have noticed that DIDs used in Indy are in the format of 49j473NLRq5ayo3mR4AUXw where I would probably expect seeing something like did:sov:49j473NLRq5ayo3mR4AUXw as documented here

What am I missing?

Just to clarify I have been using indy-sdk available


Sovrin’s DID format (without the prefix) was decided before the DID method spec (with the prefix) got formalized. Sovrin is supposed to accept either form, but a lot of existing docs still show the less explicit form. Think of these two variants as like relative vs. fully qualified URLs.

I believe there are some places where the fully qualified form is not yet accepted, but that there are bugs and tasks in jira to fix them. In the meantime, I believe the shorter form is more universally accepted.


Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your response.
Would you be able to point me towards those JIRA tasks?

I suppose I would have a follow-up question related to DID and DDO pair. I read a lot about DDOs and indeed W3C has a working draft of a proposed format. Are DDOs stored on the ledger and if so does Sovrin support W3C draft?


Here are two of the jira tickets:

There may be others. Specifically, I didn’t look for bugs, just tasks.

Sovrin does not currently support the W3C draft of DDOs (which are now called “DID Documents”). I helped work on the latest draft of that spec, and so did numerous other stakeholders at Sovrin. This was back in October. As far as I know, nobody is current on the latest version of the spec yet (whether at Sovrin or any other ledger community), because edits were being made up until a few weeks ago. Support for the spec in Sovrin is on the roadmap, but I don’t know the details. You can find out more by asking for status at the next Ledger Working Group call, or by asking on #indy on Rocket Chat.


Just to add to Daniel’s response, I’m co-editor of the DID spec at the W3C Credentials Community Group, and since late November we have been holding weekly 90 min calls (Thursdays at 10AM PT) to push what is effectively Implementer’s Draft 02 to closure.

There is broad agreement that we should be able to reach that milestone by the end of the month. We’ll post updates here on the Sovrin Forum and Slack channels, but feel free to join the W3C Credentials Community Group mailing list if you want to follow progress directly.


Thank you kindly again.


As an update to this thread, we have made great progress towards what the second Implementer’s Draft of the DID spec (being developed at the W3C Credentials Community Group). I expect the draft to be finalized later this month and we will be holding a public review at the Rebooting the Web of Trust #6 event in Santa Barbara the first week of March.


As we complete the DID spec, we’ll also be finalizing the Sovrin DID Method Specification, work being led by Mike Lodder at Evernym. We’ll post a link to that as soon as we have a complete draft.

=Drummond (co-editor, DID spec)