Sovrin for dummies... as well as policymakers


Hello Fellow Sovriners,

Hope this category is fine to post the following.

I have decided to spend a bit more time In the coming weeks (and before I get on to my next professional chapter) to dig further into the workings of Sovrin network and digital ledger technology for identity. I want to understand the maximum a layman can understand from what the developers are doing and the way they are doing it and, most importantly, to draw up a well-informed synthesis that can be 100 percent transparent to a non-developer readership with no prior exposure to the technology or to technological components, to the way they are built and the way they work.

From such synthesis, one should also be able to speak to policymakers in ways that make it easy for them to engage (while still providing an accurate description of the technology.) This output could also provide a good general description-explanation of the technology which may serve as a basis upon which to build specific or specialized use cases later on.

I hope this is not a duplication of effort. If so, please let me know along with pointers to the existing relevant material(s). If not, I would very much appreciate if anyone could point me to written, video, graphical or other interactive resources you think may help achieve the intended result described above–along the following categories:

  1. materials directly relating to the Sovrin Identity Network;
  2. materials relating to distributed ledger technology (and its various instances/ ecosystems, etc.) more generally but to the extent that they speak to any aspect of Sovrin or to identification issues;
  3. materials relating to identity notions as relevant to Sovrin;
  4. materials relating to the broader impact that Sovrin identity may have in/on the society.

Of course, if there is no material available yet in any one of the above categories, that is fine. Also, if you have other categories to suggest, that would also be great!

I would also welcome calls to discuss with some of you for further questions.

I have seen a lot of information and resources being shared sometimes in our Slack channel but I must admit I have lost track of the discussions there at some point. So please feel free to forward to my attention some of the materials already shared there or elsewhere if you feel it may help. In the end, if this goes well, maybe we could have a repository of these materials on the Sovrin website.

Okay, I think I have said a mouthful. I’m not sure how much of this I can eventually get done within the time I can make, but I am excited to get something started along those lines.

I look forward to your suggestions.
Warm regards,



Mawaki, I am excited to hear you have some time to devote to this effort. A “Sovrin for Humans” (or “Sovrin for Policymakers”) guide is indeed badly needed, and there are many of us that I’m sure would like to help you with it.

The first place I would start is with the Sovrin Library of course. Note that the newer documents are at the top—most importantly the main Sovrin white paper—but the lower you go, the older the documents get (the one called “Technical Foundations of Sovrin” is old enough it should probably be removed).

From a policymaker standpoint, I also highly recommend this brand new series of Medium posts about SSI and GDPR from Elizabeth Renieris, Evernym’s Global Policy Counsel.

Please let myself and others in the forum know as you have specific questions going through these materials.


Mawaki, Such a guide would be a great help. Have you made much progress on it?