Sovrin / Indy Build-out after successful docker run through


Hi there.

I’m in the middle of a final year college project and have decided to base it around Indy and Sovrin and the ‘Alice Claims her transcript from Acme College’ section of the tutorial.

I have managed to run through the tutorial (docker based) on Mac and Ubuntu successfully, so my next step is to build out an environment with Servers and clients.

So I was wondering if there are any resources available that could point me to the setup / architectural procedure for this? I was looking to build out some servers in a cloud instance and have some clients access them via a web client?

Secondly, are there any documents around plugging a web-page into the sovrin network to claim the transcript.

My dev chops are on the high beginner / low intermediate level, but am learning daily.

Many thanks,



This may be old info, but: I saw the pool setup here (and I had to use this to use Vagrant).

As for a working web page: the best demo I’ve seen is by TheOrgBook, where you can see a demo interaction by clicking “Verify License” on some organization (eg. Bee’s Spy Cameras).

EDIT: I hear they have a deployment on the Sovrin testnet, but that “Verify License” “test build” demo link looks like it’s using Bitcoin-specific code and no network calls, so that demo may not really be hitting the Sovrin chain. The “dev build” seems to do more but I get some schema error with that.


Excellent … many thanks for the info


Hi @occupanther, I’m really curious to know how far you’ve gotten setting up your real world environment with servers and clients. Where are you currently in your development process? I’m also learning how to do this, and I’d be interested in any insight you have.


Hi @mdb.
To be honest, not very far :slight_smile:.

I began my investigations as I was hoping to get some kind of platform built out as part of a Uni Project I’m doing part-time.

Self-Sovereign Identity is a rather important aspect of our developing technological stack, so wanted to do something on this just to get a bit deeper into the space.
I managed to get through the demo, and was then stuck at investigations as to how to present a nice front-end on things in regards to my presenting a working POC to the Panel. I’m falling down on that aspect …All I want is the ‘Alice claims her certificate from Faber College’ section

I then came across ths OrgBook and VON-Network, who have a rather awesome working iteration of Hyperledger and verification of certificates (which is all I want) … so I’ve spent the last week trying to get their platform working … which I kind of have up and running. The permitify part of their platform looks interesting, so will have a dig around and see if I can get anything going,

Among that, I’ve been looking into Blockcerts (same concept but on the Bitcoin Blockchain), playing about with Composer, looking into Iroha (just yesterday) and just seeing if there is a quick and easy win on via an Ethereum Smart Contract either…

I realize none of my work will be credible enough for a live system, but it has been quite the learning process thus far :smile:


Good job finding a system that worked for you! I’ve been asked by Sovrin to make a better getting-started flow for new developers who want to contribute to the hyperledger indy-sdk repository. Which means I’ll be doing the same thing as you - present a nice front-end client demo showing how Alice claims her certificates.

I’ll look at the OrgBook and VON-Network demos tomorrow to see if I can get any inspiration. I’d also love to see what you have up and running, it sounds like you’ve put in quite a bit of effort.

Question: since you’ve gone through the indy-node walkthrough, what did you find hard to understand?

Also, how would you recommend that I change the getting-started process so that new developers can have a “wow!” moment within an hour of encountering the repository?

I really value your opinion


Apologies for the delayed response.

I don’t have very much up and running truth be told. I’m learning as I go. But would love to have something I can show to my supervisor as a POC for my project, so I intend to persevere.

There seems to be two Getting Started Guides, the one I’ve managed to successfully work my way through was This one, from the Sovrin side of things.

The other Getting Started Guide is This One, which is definitely more in-depth, but I’ve yet to successfully complete this one just yet.

For a WOW moment, just the fact that all of this is working on a Blockchain is awesome . CLI returns is the max effect I’ve yet obtained from a feedback standpoint via the Indy demos.

Truth be told, the ‘This is so coool’ element came when I checked TheOrgBooks site and clicked the ‘Verrify’ button for one of the registered entities … the live verification on the site is what I’m striving for for an ‘Alice verifies from Faber’ demo … but accomplishing this is a bit out of my league presently. (Its still very cool tho)

I have an instance of the Von-Network running too, and one of the devs responded to a query I made and advised me to investigate their ‘Permitify’ module, which might get something similar up and running, so will see how that goes. Their stack is already full of apps that I’m unfamiliar with (Swagger, Openshift etc) … so steep learning curve ahoy

Hope this helps …