Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework - Approved 22 March 2017


On behalf of the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees, I’m pleased to announce that the Board has approved the first official version of the Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework. The final versions of the three component documents are available at these links:

  1. Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework (25 pages)—the main document, to which the other two agreements are appendices
  2. Sovrin Identity Owner Agreement (4 pages)
  3. Sovrin Founding Steward Agreement (5 pages)

The Founding Steward Agreement is the contract for the initial Stewards of the network (trusted institutions who operate Sovrin Network validator nodes). Look for further announcements about the initial Founding Stewards in late April.

In addition to Sovrin Foundation counsel Scott Blackmer, our core legal architect, the Board wishes to thank the members of the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group who drove the development of the trust framework over the past four months and two public reviews: John Best, Luca Boldrin, Tim Brown, Shaun Conway, Mawaki Chango, Rick Cranston, Scott David, Steve Fulling, Nathan George, Darrell O’Donnell, Nichola Hickman, Adam Lake, Jason Law, Antti Jogi Poikola, Markus Sabadello, Peter Simpson, Andy Tobin, Eric Welton, and Phil Windley.

Note that this is just the first step in the evolution of the Sovrin Trust Framework. The Provisional Trust Framework will govern the first stage of the Sovrin Network, called the Provisional Network. As this stage progresses, the Trust Framework Working Group will continue developing the Sovrin Trust Framework to prepare for the transition to the General Availability Network later in 2017.

We welcome your participation in the Trust Framework Working Group. For more information, please join the Sovrin Slack or contact Working Group chair Drummond Reed at first name drummond last name reed at sovrin dot org.


Drummond, the changes look fine to me. They are positive and don’t differ from the spirit of the previously approved trust framework. I foresee no problem getting these changes approved.


@phil I agree that these changes are all minor and just add legal clarity. BTW, for others reading this thread, the changes Phil refers to are suggested revisions that are highlighed in yellow (and in most cases annotated with a comment) in all three documents (see the first message in this thread).

These are changes suggested by counsels at several of the Founding Stewards as they reviewed the March 22 approved versions. The Trust Framework Working Group is scheduled to review these changes on our webmeeting at 1PM Pacific Time today. Anyone is invited to submit comments on the proposed revisions directly in the Google doc. If you are interested in joining the TFWG meeting, email me at first name drummond dot last name reed at sovrin dot org.