Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework Public Review Draft 01


On behalf of the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group, I am pleased to announce that the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees has approved the Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework (PTF) Public Review Draft 01. This is the set of three legal documents that must be finalized before the Sovrin Network can go live in its first stage, called the Sovrin Provisional Network (essentially the beta test period for the network, although all transactions will be permanent).

These three legal documents are:

  1. The Provisional Trust Framework—the main document with Purpose & Principles, Definitions, Policies, and Specifications. (It contains the following two agreements as appendices.)
  2. The Sovrin Founding Steward Agreement—the agreement between the Sovrin Foundation and a Founding Steward (the trusted institutions that operate a validator node on the Sovrin Network).
  3. The Sovrin Identity Owner Agreement—the standard agreement for Sovrin identity owners who wish to become Sovrin Trust Anchors.

The public review period will last until Midnight UTC Friday February 10. At that point, the Trust Framework Working Group will incorporate comments into Public Review Draft 02 for one additional round of public review. The final draft will be submitted for approval by the Sovrin Board of Trustees on Wednesday February 22. The Provisional Network will go live as soon after that as quickly as it can be coordinated with the first Founding Stewards.

To participate in the review, simply navigate to the links above, read the drafts, and add comments using the Google doc comment feature. The Trust Framework Working Group will do our best to review and respond to all comments.

Thank you,

=Drummond Reed
Secretary, Sovrin Foundation
Chair, Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group


This is excellent work Drummond and team. Dedication at its finest.


Thank you, Andy. I’d say for many of us on the Trust Framework Working Group it is truly a labor of love.