Sovrin Trust Framework


We are holding the first meeting of the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group tomorrow (Wednesday Nov 16) at 1PM Pacific Time. If you have a strong interest in helping define the Sovrin Trust Framework, please join the Trust Framework channel on the Sovrin Slack group. Details of the meetings, minutes, discussions will generally take place there, however any major issues or questions we will be sure to raise here on the Forum as well.


By the way, if you need an invite to join the Sovrin Slack team, you can email me at drummond (firstname) dot reed (lastname) at Just put “Please invite me to the Sovrin Slack team” in the subject line.


A note that our Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group meetings are now scheduled for every Tuesday at 1PM Pacific Time. I will put the full details in the Trust Framework channel in the Sovrin Slack, or you can email me to be added to the invitation list (see my previous post for instructions).