Sovrin User Group Meeting #2 on 24th Oct 2016 16:00 BST


Please use this thread to add topics you’d like to be covered at the next user group meeting.


Actions from last meeting:

  • How do people participate in the Trust Framework development? Jogi (MyData) and Edmund (KYC-Chain), Julian Ranger? Please email
  • Handling revocation, right to be forgotten, and finality. New white paper? - add to the list
  • Need some “official” representation of the views of the Sovrin Foundation and its participants for user group members to use at conferences etc. Need an owner for this.
  • Hackathon - Markus Sabadello has had ideas and will progress and bring a proposal to the group.
  • Put topic on forum for next user group meeting discussion points.


Agenda for 24/10/16 meeting:

Jason Law, chair, Sovrin Technical Governance Board

  • Overview of anonymous claims
  • Overview of revocation approach
  • Call for open source contributors
    How to handle “right to be forgotten”
  • Could include that the identity owner can delete the data in their container at any time.
  • Could include that the identity owner can determine all those with whom they have shared data with in the past from the link contracts and issue “please forget” notices to them.


looks like a good agenda - I would just add in that if right to be forgotten was covered in (more) detail, that would be appreciated from our side. Thanks!


Thanks Edmund - I’ve added it above. Grateful if you can bring your experience to the table on this too.



Please accept my apologies for missing the call. Keen to catch up with any notes / outputs. Regards, Nick


@nick_meyne You’ll find Jason’s slides on anonymous claims and revocation in the Roadmap section of this forum here:


Here are the papers presented at the Rebooting the Web of Trust conference:

Anonymous Credentials on Sovrin by Jason Law and Daniel Hardman

DIDs and Personal Data Storage for Children by Jonathan Endersby, Shaun Conway & Lohan Spies

You can find the full list of papers here.

Lastly, this is the link to recording of the 2nd SUG meeting. It’s a 89mb mp4 file.